Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Really, this has nothing to do with anything....

...But have you ever had one of those days? It's currently 2:30 am and I'm awake, have just cleaned the kitchen and my dog has an ear infection (which was the original "awakening"). I can already tell that today is going to be rough, but I soldier on hippies! Silver lining= I have cleaned the kitchen and therefore can spend my day napping. Sweet!
Can I tell you that it is crafting week here at my house? (And apparently talk-like-Sandra-Lee day) Seriously, I have things spread all around my house and husband is not happy that he has to hop-scotch through every room. We've argued about this before. He logically says "Can't you finish one project before you start another one??" And I logically say real whiney-like "But baaaeeeebeeeeee, that's not how I work!". In truth, I'm super lazy and ADD so I'll start something, figure out it's going to be hard, and then tell myself I'll leave it and come back to it. Like it's magically going to finish itself while I'm gone. Then he'll finally get to the breaking point and I'll "clean-up" by stuffing everything into a box and putting it in the closet and forgetting it.
What does his have to do with hippy-world you might be asking yourself? Well, I'll tell you. It really doesn't. But, I am slowly working on some new fab hippy projects to post as long as my ADD doesn't win out because I was forced to clean out one said closet this weekend and found all of my hippy crafting books! So expect those soon! (Give me a break, this is what you get from me at 2:30 am!)

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