Sunday, September 2, 2007

My First Bus Ride!!

Yeeeeee!!! I totally took my first bus ride on Friday, to the Minnesota State Fair. And yes, we did take the real bus too, not just the free, fun, bus to the fair. Sam and Matt were good enough to accompany me and we took plenty of photographic evidence. I'll be honest, I was a little nervous, but everyone was very nice. Here is my picture timeline:

This is me walking to the bus stop... I've got my money all ready to go.... and yes, I'm really that pale... it's not the flash or lighting or anything that I tried to convince myself that it was... =(

This is Matt trying to be funny and "Beeching Me" as I tripped up the steps of the bus. Yes, I tripped. And it sucked. (For more on "Beeching" please click here.)

Yes! My transfer ticket!! So exciting.... yehck! That lipstick looks horrible on me! My friends must hate me.

Some very nice bus riders who were willing to show their bus passes!! Woot! Woot! Bus riders!!!

So, in conclusion, the bus wasn't at all that bad. I mean, I was really nervous about pulling the line when my stop came up, but I would almost call it quite enjoyable... so enjoyable, in fact, that I intend on taking it to work on Tuesday!! Down to Hummers!! Yea to buses!!