Monday, October 11, 2010

Camping Trip: Prepared for everything.... except man

This weekend was a 4 day weekend for us so we decided to go on our first camping adventure as a family. We have used a tent before (to stay at a retreat) but we basically just used it for sleeping so I don't really count it as camping. We found out that just 20 minutes from us there is a state park in Iowa called Lake Manawa State Park and you can camp right on the lake. Awesome! Off we went!
It was amazing and gorgeous! We got there Friday and were lucky enough to grab a spot right on the lake with our own tiny beach (very rocky so not good for swimming but great for fishing and relaxing.) Before we went, I bought an e-book: Kitchen Stewardship in the Big Woods: A Family Camping Handbook with Real Food Options and it was filled with really great tips and recipes for preparing your own food and surviving in the wilderness with little ones. Such a great buy! It was less than $5 and well worth it. So let's just say that we were prepared for every eventuality. Friday was great and we spent the day fishing (and learning we are not good at it) and getting our camp ready. The weather was gorgeous and the facilities were very nice. Saturday was spent the same way and we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves. The little bug was having a blast and we even saw a baby snapping turtle and other creatures! So cool.
Saturday night we had an event at our church which we decided to attend since we were already committed and only 20 minutes away. And upon returning had a lovely evening with the husband chatting and drinking wine (the bug was asleep in the tent by herself! A feat I thought impossible to accomplish!) In the Family Camping Handbook, Katie Kimball, the author talks briefly about what type of campers your family is and about an hour later we found out what kind we are. Definitely not the "crowded-modern-campground-with-lots-of-party-people". Late Saturday night the campground filled with people who maybe were there to enjoy a little more than nature. Let's just say that someone tried to fight husband when he asked them to turn their music down at midnight. Yikes! But kind of a funny story since the gentlemen in question was well over 70.
So the party didn't stop until 4am and suffice to say, we left Sunday morning instead of staying as planned until Monday. Kind of a bummer as it was beautiful and we didn't get to explore as much of it as we wanted to but we had a great time learning a little bit about ourselves and now know that we are willing to give up a hot shower for a little more solitude. And we now have a better idea of what to pack for the next adventure!
P.S. We also got a little revenge... up at 7am and not quiet at all while packing up. Serves 'em right!