Friday, January 8, 2010

Plastic is evil

I'm totally convinced after seeing this episode of The Colbert Report. Captain Moore found a floating island of trash that is twice the size of Texas just floating in the Pacific. Erg. Check it out:

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Yikes! It makes me so sad that we have been so wasteful, but fear not hippies! I have not lost all hope, I'm just more convinced that plastic is non-biodegradable and awful for our environment and will be ever more mindful of what I purchase and use and what I throw away. I also love that Captain Moore is so dedicated to telling people about this. I feel like I'm on his team- Captain Moore is definitely a hippy chick!

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  1. lolz. I always dream of making a manmade island out of trash and floating away. I love to read about manmade islands on wikipedia. I was going write my final paper on this project, but I could not find the required number of print sources for the paper. Would have been an awesome paper though. :)