Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So this is going to be a weird post... Husband and I have been batting around the idea of living full-time in an RV for awhile now. It started off as kind of a joke- we just thought the idea of getting rid of all of our furniture and living like nomads for awhile just sounded really awesome and fun. I mean- how great would it be to just take off on friday and go somewhere awesome every weekend. Lovely dream. But also, the average RV is a real earth killer. They aren't built for sustainability at all. Boo. Alright- enter in the amazing airstream!
Apparently there is a whole community of "full-timers" who live in their airstreams. Some of the new airstreams are wired for adding solar panels to the roof and these awesome hippies can just find a spot in the woods and live off of their solar energy- and they do it with internet, cell phones and satellite TV too. How great is that! Some families will buy a used airstream, gut it, and then totally hippify it (although I am nowhere near that skilled). I found one family who use only 9 gallons of water a day when the average household uses over 100. How crazy is that! So we decided to start searching and see if we can find one. I know right! Now whenever husband needs to travel, we can go with him. We'll see what the hunt turns up- but I'm really liking the idea of living like a turtle. Hmmm... more researching needs to be done but if you have any suggestions please share them!

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  1. DO it!!!! I want one so bad they are awesome! they have mini ones that just rock my camping fantasy world! :)