Monday, December 14, 2009

UPDATE: Handmade Xmas Gifts

Wow! You hippies are sooo creative! There were some great suggestions and I am going to be stealing these and claiming them as my own ideas to be sure... Here's a sample of the awesomeness:

  • Hippy Lola suggests "You could take a bunch of jars and fill them with the dry ingredients for cookies, then tie a patch of fabric around the top and include instructions. Voila! instant cookie mix."
  • Hippy friend Julie recommends "Homemade heating bags: I have one that I bought at a store and I use it all the time. I looked at it and thought, this is SO easy to make, yet I paid $16 for it.  I just sew up a rectangle of thicker cotton cloth and fill it 2/3 full of flax seeds. Super easy, and you can fill it with something a little cheaper than flax seeds too.
  • Virginia, my espaƱol hippy chick says "I just made a bunch of change purses from vintage silk neckties. Super fast and easy. You can either machine sew or hand sew. Cut off about 8" from wide end of tie. The point becomes your flap. On the inside of the point the two halves of the tie need to be sew to each other. Then tuck the raw ends inside each other and sew that hole closed. Fold into desired shape, sew sides. Sew on snap. About a 30 min commitment. (The narrow end can be made into headbands!" (Sidenote: Check out Virginia's etsy shop for awesome "upcycled" projects that she makes including her neck tie coin purses. Very hippy chic. I also am using her suggestion of making napkins and a table runner for Christmas dinner out of old linens I found at Goodwill.)
  • Hippy neighbor Stephanie suggested making handmade ornaments for the grandparents and I found a few simple recipes for those dough ornaments that you used to make in school here and here
Thanks everyone for the input and I'll be posting some of my Christmas crafting adventures later in the week (let's hope my gift recipients don't read this blog =)


  1. If you have specific questions on the assembly of the necktie change purses or table linens, feel free to send me a message berry{at}yazberry {dot}com and I would be happy to help you :)

  2. Virginia you are awesome! I hope you are serious about that because I will definitely annoy you =)