Wednesday, March 31, 2010

yeah, it's been awhile...

I feel like half my posts are me apologizing for being gone for so long. You would hate to live in my head- it is a guilty, guilty place and it is turning this lovely blog into a guilty place so from now on no more pressure but just writing whenever I can. yay!!
Now onto the guilt for my swiffer wet jet... I went to the WalMart the other day (don't look at me like that- we don't have a febric store anywhere near us so I have to go there sometimes for fabric and other crafty related items.) Anyhoodle, I usually just keep my head down to avoid temptation of unnecessary purchases but this particular trip I couldn't avoid the swiffer wet jet that was on sale. Big time hippy fail!!!
Alright, no problem- I have a fix on how to hippify my new mop. Weeee! Apparently, many people on the internets have faced this same conundrum. Here's the sitch (as in situation): 1.) Order some homemade cloth pads from etsy (check them out here) 2.) figure out how to "green" up the cleaning solution and I found a great article here 3.) and last but not least use my awesome rechargeable batteries.
Okay, so I know that I had a giant fail but I think I made up for it a little and that is a giant hippy win! And that is so great because I lurve my wet jet and it would be so sad if I couldn't use it but now I can because it looks so cute with its new homemade pads and little corked bottle filled with white vinegar. Yay!

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  1. Awesome, thanks for this info. My girlfriend said we have to get a swiffer and I'm telling her "no way." Well now we have a compromise.